Alex Hanimann

Same But Different

June 8th – September 1st 2019 , Kunstmuseum

The exhibition Same but Different by Alex Hanimann presents a series of works that focus on the relationship between reality and its depiction. The works will be created specifically for the presentation in St. Gallen. In a variety of media, Hanimann analyzes how we perceive reality and how this perception relates to time. He deals with questions of the portrayal of history and examines their conditions and functions. His work concerns the fictionalization of the historical as well as the media of remembrance and archiving.

At the center of the exhibition is a series of life-size sculptures depicting five young people, which relate to the contemporary context. The artist brings these figures into dialogue with the concept of classical statues.
Alex Hanimann’s presentation touches on central issues of our time: the exhibition presents a series of works that demonstrate the crisis between depiction and reality. Using the media of contemporary communications, Hanimann confronts us with our fragile and fractured perception of what we perceive to be real.

Curator: Lorenzo Benedetti

the artist

Alex Hanimann

*1955 in Mörschwil St.Gallen

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