Loredana Sperini

True Blue

September 24th 2016 - January 8th 2017, Kunstmuseum

From 24 September 2016 to 8 January 2017, the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen will present a comprehensive retrospective of the St. Gallen artist Loredana Sperini (*1970 in Wattwil). The exhibition was conceived in close collaboration with the artist and will offer an in-depth look at her multilayered oeuvre for the first time ever. The solo exhibition in St. Gallen brings together works by the artist from recent years as well as works created especially for the exhibition, including large-scale installations and multipart sculptures.

Loredana Sperini’s working processes are experimental and technically sophisticated in their implementation, and the result has a special, aesthetic appeal. Her works, which oscillate between abstraction and figuration and occasionally call to mind grotesque, anthropomorphic figures, touch on essential themes of art such as physicality and transience and thus open up a supporting conceptual level.

The artist, who grew up in the Toggenburg region of Switzerland and now lives in Zurich, made a name for herself in 2005 with small-scale portraits of friends which she transferred from the medium of photography to drawings and embroidery. Her engagement with textile materials was followed by wall-sized encaustic paintings and large-scale works with mirrors. Sperini confidently translates these independent formal creative processes into wondrous imagery. She has also continued to work on a new series of waxed concrete paintings, for which she received the art prize endowed by the Ortsbürgergemeinde St. Gallen on the occasion of the 2015 exhibition Heimspiel.

A richly illustrated catalog will accompany the exhibition, which will comprehensively document and discuss Loredana Sperini’s work for the first time from the beginning of her career to today. The publication, designed by Chris Eggli in Zurich, will be published by the renowned Verlag für moderne Kunst in Vienna.

The artist will design a multiple exclusively for the Kunstverein St. Gallen.

Curator: Nadia Veronese

the artist

Loredana Serpini

born 1970 in Wattwil
lives and works in Zurich

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