Michel Verjux


October 24th 2014 - July 26th 2015

Michel Verjux’s oeuvre revolves around the idea of éclairage, or illumination. Using theater spotlights and projectors, the artist, who was born in 1956 in Chalon-sur-Saône and now lives in Paris, intervenes in the architectural structures of buildings and exhibition spaces, and thus creates immaterial, temporary images.

In St. Gallen the artist will use three projectors to magically illuminate the historical architecture of the Lokremise as well as the Water Tower, which was built by the pioneer of the use of concrete in architecture, Robert Maillart (1872–1940).

The artist is not only interested in the resulting changes in the perception of architecture and space; he also radically questions the status of the visual arts by addressing the very aspects involved in the exhibiting and viewing of art: light, space and time.

Above all, however, his light installations are impressive due to their immediate and mesmerizing visual qualities. Michel Verjux’s work has been shown in important museums and large-scale public installations around the world.

Curator: Roland Wäspe

the artist

Michel Verjux

Born 1956 in Chalon-sur-Saône
Lives and works in Paris

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