Stories of the Old Masters

The Maria and Johannes Krüppel-Stärk Donation

From 4 May 2019 - 5 April 2020, Kunstmuseum

The exhibition Altmeister-Geschichten (Old Master Stories) presents an overview of the exquisite collection that Maria and Johannes Krüppel-Stärk assembled over decades and recently bequeathed to the Kunstmuseum St.Gallen. This magnificent ensemble comprises 57 paintings, 89 drawings, and 1 358 prints of Dutch and German origin ranging from the 15th to the 17th centuries.

Das St.Galler Altmeisterwunder (The St.Gall Miracle of Old Masters) will thus be continued with another wonderful exhibition, thanks to the rich collection of prints and drawings, which is a substantial addition to the museum’s holdings of Old Masters. These include outstanding religious scenes by German engravers, most notably Schongauer and Dürer. Another focus is Dutch landscapes: the collectors were particularly interested in the development from the Flemish mountain fantasy to the «realistic» Dutch lowland panorama. Names such as Bruegel the Elder, van Ruisdael, and Rembrandt are represented with important prints, and together they document the new view of reality. Selected Dutch drawings, including works by van de Velde and van Goyen, perfectly complement the works in the museum’s collection from these artists and schools. In addition, paintings by Cuyp, van Everdingen, van Kessel, and Ruysch add completely new aspects to the collection in terms of subject matter and iconography—and the first female Old Master! The exhibition focusses on these thematic aspects in a loose sequence: the pictures tell Old Master stories.

Curators: Matthias Wohlgemuth and Samuel Reller