Birgit Werres 

Let’s play it, Rolf!

5 February – 7 August 2022, Kunstzone (art space) in the Lokremise


The sculptor Birgit Werres (*1962, Stommeln), who lives in Düsseldorf, has created large-scale installations for the Kunstzone (art space) in the Lokremise St. Gallen. The presentation offers an overview of her innovative sculptural work, which is shaped by her interest in materials and the processes of change they undergo. On forays through cities and visits to factories and warehouses, she analyzes the transformation of things we encounter in our daily lives, most of which serve a useful technical function, but whose visual and aesthetic qualities are seldom questioned. The artist is developing the exhibition Let’s play it, Rolf! in close cooperation with Rolf Ricke and will augment the presentation with objects from his pioneering collection.

Birgit Werres’s sculptures will engage in a dialogue with historical Post-Minimal sculptures by Richard Artschwager, Bill Bollinger, Gary Kuehn, and Barry Le Va as well as with installations and paintings by fellow contemporary artists such as Ingrid Calame, Fabian Marcaccio, Carl Ostendarp, and Jeffrey Wisniewski. This collaboration will create a unique atmosphere in which the central themes of her work become particularly apparent through the formal or conceptual connections with works by other artists. A tremendous task of energetic, sensual power: Let’s play it, Rolf!

Curator: Roland Wäspe

the artist

Birgit Werres and Rolf Ricke

Birgit Werres, *1962 in Stommeln

Lives and works in Düsseldorf

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