Caro Niederer

Good Life Ceramics

October 7th 2017 - August 26th 2018, Kunstmuseum

The unusual exhibition project Good Life Ceramics by Caro Niederer at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen will develop in a special setting that will change systematically over the course of the exhibition. The exhibition will take place on the lower floor of the museum, whose architecture has remained unchanged since the Naturmuseum St. Gallen moved to a new building. The rooms are thus the site of a work in progress that will extend across the entire lower floor of the building in stages.

In many ways, Caro Niederer (*1963 in Zurich) is an ideal choice for such a project. In her work, every moment can be an artistic act. Thus, moments and things from everyday life engage in a dialogue with her paintings and sculptures. She brings her works from the private sphere into the public art context and thus reflects on the act of collecting art and the interweaving of art and everyday life.

The project will begin with the opening of a cafe filled with artworks that the artist will lend a new function in the surrounding area: curtains whose printed patterns are taken from her paintings, publications that become part of the exhibition, which visitors can browse through, as well as artistic ceramics that the guests in the cafe can use and that lend the exhibition its title. The fact that herbs from the neighboring park will be served as fine tea in the cafe also fits with the linking of art and everyday life.

Good Life Ceramics aims to explore various ways in which an exhibition space can be used while bringing public and private aspects into harmony. The original setting will be augmented with works by fellow artists and from the artist’s private collection. The exhibition will be continually expanded with new presentations that illuminate Caro Niederer’s oeuvre from various perspectives. Every moment can be understood as a reflection in order to perceive the exhibition space as a hybrid place where personal experience can be shared with the broader public. This attitude is also evident in the publication Album (2017). Snapshots that the artist posts on Instagram represent a kind of “landscape of the day” and translate the artist’s life into a visual diary.

Curator: Lorenzo Benedetti

the artist

Caro Niederer

born 1963 in Zurich
lives and works in Zurich

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