Arthur Simms


February 10 - July 7 2024

The art of Arthur Simms (b. 1961, Saint Andrew, Jamaica, lives in Staten Island, New York) encompasses a captivating blend of influences—his American and Jamaican heritage, music, folk culture, and impressions taken from around the world—which he incorporates into his unique sculptures. His work is a profound exploration of origin, and transformation, and embraces his bicultural identity. Through meticulous craftsmanship—his works are often elaborately wrapped in string—Simms breathes life into objects that would otherwise be dismissed as trash.  

Arthur Simms grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to New York City with his family at seven. In his early childhood, Simms was fascinated by the improvised carts used by vendors to transport their goods to and from the market. The unintentional poetry of these makeshift constructions stayed with him, inspiring his art. 

Essentially, Arthur Simms' art is a fusion of personal history, cultural identity, and environmental consciousness in the literal sense. Through the interplay of knotting, found objects, and the exploration of his identity as an immigrant, Simms prompts us to engage in a profound discussion at the intersection of art, heritage, and sustainability. 

The exhibition runs until July 7, 2024, and was curated by Gianni Jetzer, Director of the Kunstmuseum St.Gallen. The first book on the works of Arthur Simms will be released in June.