Insights, Outlooks

Perspectives on the Collection II

5 June – 10 October 2021, Kunstmuseum St.Gallen

Mona Hatoum

September 7th 2013 - January 12th 2014, Kunstmuseum

Nenn Mich Nicht Stadt!


Artistic positions on modern urbanity

August 17th - November 10th 2013, LOK

Home! Sweet Home!

(Un)inviting homes in art

July 6th - October 28th 2013, Kunstmuseum

Christoph Büchel

The House of Friction (Pumpwerk Heimat)

July 6th - October 28th 2013, Water Tower at the Lokremise

Filipa César


April 6th - June 23rd 2013, Kunstmuseum

Dan Flavin


March 16th - August 18th 2013, Kunstmuseum

Anthony McCall

Two Double Works

February 9th - July 21st 2013, LOK

Heimspiel 2012

December 15th 2012 - February 24th 2013, Kunstmuseum

Ante Timmermans

Ante Post Ante

November 10th 2012 - March 17th 2013, Kunstmuseum

Koenraad Dedobbeleer

September 8th - November 11th 2012, LOK

Over the Rainbow

Über Glückseligkeit in der Kunst

July 7th - October 28th 2012, Kunstmuseum

Pipilotti Rist

Blutbetriebene Kameras und quellende Räume

June 2nd - November 25th 2012, Kunstmuseum

Nadim Vardag

March 31st - 24. Juni 2012, Kunstmuseum

Menschenzellen | Human Capsules

Acht Künstlerinnen aus der Sammlung Ursula Hauser

February 25th - August 12th 2012, LOK

Silvia Bächli

Far Apart - Close Together

February 11th - May 13th 2012, Kunstmuseum

Tatsuo Miyajima

Three Time Train | Counter Voice on the Wall

January 19th - February 5th 2012, LOK
September 3rd - November 13th 2011, LOK

Walter Burger

and friends

November 12th 2011 – March 18th 2012, Kunstmuseum

Through the Looking Brain

A Swiss collection of cenceptual photography

October 15th 2011 - January 22nd 2012, Kunstmuseum

Old Acquaintances and New Friends

From the Kunstmuseum St.Gallen collection

July 2nd - October 30th 2011, Kunstmuseum

Back to the Future

New Acquisitions by the Gesellschaft der Freunde Bildender Kunst and the Kunstverein

July 2nd - October 30th 2011, Kunstmuseum


Who knows the beginning and who knows the end

May 28th – September 25th 2011, Kunstmuseum


Vor den Dingen, nach dem Affekt

May 12th - 14. August 14th 2011, LOK

Longing for the South

From Arnold Böcklin to Roman Signer

February 5th – June 19th 2011, Kunstmuseum

Marcel van Eeden

Steps into the realm of art

February 19th – to May 8th 2011, Kunstmuseum

Karin Sander

Gebrauchsbilder und andere

September 25th 2010 – February 6th 2011, Kunstmuseum

Alexandra Maurer

countremouvements -  MANOR Art Prize St.Gallen 2010

November 13th – January 23rd 2011, Kunstmuseum

Peter Liechti

Culture Prize Winner City of St.Gallen 2010, Retrospective

November 6th - November 14th 2010, LOK

John M Armleder

John M Armleder leuchtet ein

September 12th – November 7th 2010, LOK

Next Generation

Insights into young east Swiss private collections

Juli 3rd – October 31th 2010, Kunstmuseum


Contemporary painting between abstraction and narration

5. June 5th – September 12th 2010, Kunstmuseum

Press Art

Works from the Annette and Peter Nobel Collection

January 30th – June 20th 2010, Kunstmuseum

Damien Deroubaix

The night

February 13th – May 16th 2010, Kunstmuseum


home game

December 5th – January 31th 2010, Kunstmuseum

Verena Merz

Micorcri and other intricated creatures fait pendant l’année de la giraffe 1987

November 28th 2009 – January 31th 2010 , Kunstmuseum

Phantasien – Topographien

Dutch landscapes of the 16th and 17th century in printmaking, drawing and painting

August 29th – December 6th 2009, Kunstmuseum

Andrea Geyer | Sharon Hayes

September 19th – November 22nd 2009, Kunstmuseum

Born to Be Wild

Homage to Steven Parrino

May 29th – September 6th 2009, Kunstmuseum

әMotion mapping museum experience

The psychogeographicly mapped museum

June 5th 2009 – July 19th 2009, Kunstmuseum

11 : 1 (+3) = Elf Sammlungen für ein Museum

From Impressionism to the present

February 7th – August 16th 2009, Kunstmuseum

Nedko Solakov


February 28th – May 10th 2009, Kunstmuseum

Franz Ackermann

September 20th 2008 – February 8th 2009, Kunstmuseum

Christian Vetter

Disappearing Eye - MANOR-Art Prize St.Gallen 2008

November 22nd 2008 – January 25th 2009, Kunstmuseum

Ladies Only!

June 28th – November 9th 2008, Kunstmuseum

David Claerbout

May 24th – August 31th 2008, Kunstmuseum

Tàpies, Hartung, Uecker, Förg

From the donation of the Foundation Franz Larese and Jürg Janett - Artist Portraits of Franziska Messner-Rast

February 16th – June 15th 2008, Kunstmuseum

Erwin Wurm

The artist who swallowed the world

March 1st – May 12th 2008, Kunstmuseum

Christoph Rütimann

The big sleep and more: a retrospective

December 8th 2007 – February 17th 2008, Kunstmuseum

Brave Lonesome Cowboy

The myth of the Western in Contemporary Art or: John Wayne's 100th birthday

August 25th 2007 – Januar 27th 2008, Kunstmuseum

Emily Jacir

September 1st – November 25th 2007, Kunstmuseum

In the Eye of the Storm - Im Auge des Zyklons

St.Gallen/Vaduz twice decelerated

May 26th 2007 – August 19th 2007, Kunstmuseum

The Best of...

Focus (2): Masterpieces in Context

June 9th 2007 – August 12th 2007, Kunstmuseum

Trotzwurzeln lesen Kartenluft

Focus (1): St.Gallens Art of the 1970s between outbreak and isolation: Hauenstein - Swiss - Signer - day laborers

February 10th 2007 – May 28th 2007, Kunstmuseum

Bethan Huws

Februar 24th 2007 – May 13th 2007, Kunstmuseum


East swiss art work SG, AR, AI, TG, FL, Vorarlberg

December 16th 2006 – February 11th 2007, Kunstmuseum

...through the centuries

May 13th 2006 – January 28th 2007, Kunstmuseum


From Subculture to High Fashion

September 3rd – November 26th 2006, Kunstmuseum

Jonathan Monk

Yesterday today tomorrow etc.

Mai 27th – August 13th 2006, Kunstmuseum

Mental Image

Word art and text images

April 8th – Mai 14th 2006, Kunstmuseum

Yves Mettler

Manor Art Prize St.Gallen 2006

February 24th – April 30th 2006, Kunstmuseum

Rembrandt - his era, his themes, his world

The master of the art of etching in the mirror of painting of the Golden Age

November 26th 2005 – March 26th 2006, Kunstmuseum

Matthew Buckingham

Time Lines

December 10th – February 12th 2006, Kunstmuseum


From Romanticism to the Present

April 30th – November 6th 2005, Kunstmuseum

Fabrice Gygi


September 2nd – November 13th 2005, Kunstmuseum

Yael Bartana

Trembling Time

October 8th – November 6th 2005, Katharinen

Daniel Libeskind


October 25th – November 13th 2005, Kunstmuseum

Raoul De Keyser


May 28th 2005– August 21st 2005, Kunstmuseum

Me Myself I

Construction of space and identity in contemporary art.

December 4th 2004 – April 17th 2005, Kunstmuseum

Caro Niederer

Living with Art, Manor Art Prize 2004

December 10th 2004 – February 13th 2005, Kunstmuseum


Archives du futur 1975 - 2004

October 1st bis November 28th 2004, Kunstmuseum

Von Angesicht zu Angesicht

The face of man in art

May 29th 2004 – November 14th 2004, Kunstmuseum

Andy Warhol


June 13th 2004 – September 12th 2004, Kunstmuseum

Global World / Private Universe

February 14th 2004 – March 31st 2004, Kunstmuseum


Artistic creation in 2003 AI, AR, FL, SG, TG and Vorarlberg

December 6th 2003 – February 1st 2004, Kunstmuseum

Ungezähmt – Gezähmt

A walk through the landscape in art

September 20th 2003 – May 16th 2004, Kunstmuseum

Luc Tuymans

The Arena

August 23rd - November 11th 2003 , Kunstmuseum

Olivier Mosset

May 24th - August 17th 2003 , Kunstmuseum


about uncovering and obscuring in art

March 29th - August 31st 2003 , Kunstmuseum

Out of the Dark

December 14th 2002 - February 16th 2003 , Kunstmuseum

Dialoge 70/90

November 22nd 2002 - February 16th 2003 , Kunstmuseum

Katharina Grosse

September 7th - November 24th 2002 , Kunstmuseum

Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler

June 1st - August 11th 2002, Kunstmuseum


Warhol und die Bauernmalerei

May 4th - September 8th 2002, Kunstmuseum

Positioniert - Sechs Ostschweizer Kunstschaffende

VILAN / MANOR Preisträger

March 1st - May 12th 2002, Kunstmuseum

Andres Lutz / Anders Guggisberg

MANOR Kunstpreis 2002

March 1st - May 12th 2002 , Kunstmuseum

Künstlerräume / Sammlerräume

November 30th 2001 - February 10th 2002 , Kunstmuseum

Die Farbe zum Leuchten bringen

french painting from romance till impresionism

September 15th 2001 - April 14th 2002 , Kunstmuseum

David Reed

September 1st - November 11th 2001, Kunstmuseum

Ferdinand Gehr

March 12th - August 19th 2001, Kunstmuseum

Candice Breitz


April 28th - Juni 17th 2001, Katharinen

Matt Mullican

Februar 3rd - April 29th 2001, Kunstmuseum

Ostschweizer Kunstschaffen

December 9th 2000 - January 14th 2001, Kunstmuseum

John Armleder & Sylvie Fleury

September 30th - November 26th 2000, Kunstmuseum

Gesten der Freiheit

aspects of postwar painting - to pay homage to Paul Bachmann

July 15th - September 10th 2000, Kunstmuseum

Christoph Büchel

MANOR Kunstpreis 2000

July 7th - September 10th 2000, Kunstmuseum

Das goldene Zeitalter

Dutch painting of the 17th century

May 19th - October 15th 2000, Kunstmuseum

Jessica Stockholder und Mary Heilmann

March 18th - June 25th 2000, Kunstmuseum

Bernard Frize

Dezember 8th 1999 - Februar 27th 2000, Kunstmuseum


Essays about the art during the turns of the centuries

November 20th 1999 - April 30th 2000, Kunstmuseum

Leni Hoffmann

September 25th - November 28th 1999, Kunstmuseum

Das lebenslängliche Interview

Sammlung Erna und Curt Burgauer

July 3rd - September 26th 1999, Kunstmuseum

Robert Mangold

June 12th - August 22nd 1999, Kunstmuseum

Werden Sein Vergehen

Armonia della vita - Armonia della morte - Giovanni Segantini: A retrospective

March 13th - May 30th 1999, Kunstmuseum

Im Kontext

Die Sammlung der GFbK, St.Gallen Leihgaben des BAK

December 18th 1998 - February 21th 1999, Kunstmuseum

Patrick Rohner

Manor Kunstpreis 1998

October 10th - December 6th 1998, Kunstmuseum

Die Sturzeneggersche Gemäldesammlung

July 4th - September 27th 1998, Kunstmuseum

Jonathan Lasker

Gemälde 1977 - 1997

May 2nd - June 28th 1998, Kunstmuseum

Matthew McCaslin

Works - Sites

January 24th - April 19th 1998, Kunstmuseum

Ostschweizer Kunstschaffen

December 4th 1997 - January 11th 1998, Kunstmuseum

Ueli Bänziger

November 29th - December 28th 1997, Katharinen

Felix Gonzales-Torres


September 6th - November 16th 1997, Kunstmuseum

Unbeschreiblich weiblich

Pictures of women or by women from 1800 until today

June 7th - September 28th 1997, Kunstmuseum

On Kawara

Drawings  Paintings  Books

May 31st - August 17th 1997, Kunstmuseum

Bernard Tagwerker

to whom it may concern

March 16th - May 18th 1997, Kunstmuseum

Marcus Geiger

Manor Kunstpreis 1996

November 30th 1996 - March 2nd 1997, Kunstmuseum

David Bürkler


November 16th - December 15th 1996, Katharinen

Ernst Tinner

Hieros-Gamos a picture

November 9th - November 24th, Waaghaus

Karin Sander

September 7th - November 17th 1996, Kunstmuseum

Alfred Kobel

painting and drawing

August 24th - September 8th, Waaghaus

Alte Meister, endlich!

Dutch and Flemish painting from the 17th century

June 8th - September 15th 1996, Kunstmuseum

Imi Knoebel


June 1st - August 18th 1996, Kunstmuseum

Hans Karbe

March 16th - April 7th 1996, Katharinen

Joseph Marioni

private icons

March 2nd - May 19th 1996, Kunstmuseum

Colour and paint

radical painting in private property from eastern Switzerland

December 9th 1995 - February 18th 1996, Kunstmuseum

Madeleine Kemeny-Szemere


November 11th 1995 - January 28th 1996, Kunstmuseum

Hannah Villiger


September 2nd - November 12th 1995, Kunstmuseum

Marcel Friedli

August 26th - September 10th 1995, Waaghaus

Aussicht & Einblick

Landscape painting from Spitzweg to Segantini out of the domestic collection

June 17th - October 22nd 1995, Kunstmuseum

Idee Farbe

Color Systems in art and science

May 27th - August 27th 1995, Katharinen

Lawrence Weiner

From Point to point

May 20th - August 20th 1995, Kunstmuseum

Ida Kobel


May 6th - May 21st 1995, Waaghaus

Hans Späti


March 11th - April 2nd 1995, Katharinen

Erwin Wurm

22 Grad Celsius

March 4th - May 7th 1995, Kunstmuseum

Tony Cragg

sculptures and drawings

December 3rd 1994 - February 19th 1995, Kunstmuseum

Alfons J. Keller

November 19th - December 4th 1994, Waaghaus

Pipilotti Rist

Manor Kunstpreis 1994

November 12th 1994 - January 29th 1995, Kunstmuseum

Zeichnungen / GSMBA

drawings from Ferdinand Gehr, Leo Brunschwiler and Peter Quarella

November 5th - November 27th 1994, Katharinen

Notker Grünenfelder


October 29th - November 13th 1994, Waaghaus

Sammlung F.W.Meyer

from Jean Arp to Keith Haring

September 10th - November 20th 1994, Kunstmuseum

Irene Fels-Kuratle

paintings and graphics

September 3rd - September 18th 1994, Waaghaus

Amiet Giacometti Hodler Vallet

August 20th - October 23rd 1994, Kunstmuseum

Die Neuen

June 11th - July 7th 1994, Katharinen

Keith Sonnier

June 4th - August 28th 1994, Kunstmuseum

Ferdinand Hodler

Lied aus der Ferne

April 14th - June 5th 1994, Katharinen

Kunst - Architektur - Kunst

March 12th - April 14th 1994, Katharinen

Michel Verjux


March 5th - May 22nd 1994, Kunstmuseum

Roman Signer


December 4th 1993 - February 27th 1994, Kunstmuseum

Klee Bissier Tobey


December 4th 1993 - February 13th 1994, Kunstmuseum

Walter Burger

works until the 70s

October 30th - December 5th 1993, Katharinen

Ernst Bonda

Pictures and objects

October 23rd - November 7th 1993, Waaghaus

Marco Gastini

works from 1967 to 1993

September 4th - October 31st 1993, Kunstmuseum

Mark Dagley

Radical Structures

August 21st - September 26th 1993, Katharinen

Martha Cunz

the graphical work

June 5th - August 15th 1993, Katharinen


painting in eastern Switzerland from 1950 to1965

May 8th - August 22nd 1993, Kunstmuseum


three artist from Liechtenstein

April 24th - May 23th 1993, Katharinen

Ferruccio Soldati

paintings - sculptures

February 27th - March 14th 1993, Waaghaus

Eidgenössisches Kunststipendium 1992

scholarship holders

February 13th - April 18th 1993, Kunstmuseum

Verena Merz

1959 - 1990

December 5th 1992 - January 10th 1993, Katharinen

Josef Felix Müller

print graphics and twelve museum-chairs

November 21st 1992 - January 24th 1993, Kunstmuseum


photos from 20 years

November 15th - December 6th 1993, Waaghaus

Ben Ami

September 24th - October 4th 1992, Waaghaus

Alex Hanimann

Nutzen und Lasten (Vilan Kustpreis 1991)

August 22nd - October 25th 1992, Kunstmuseum

Antoni Tàpies

Celebratio de la mel

June 5th - September 20th, Kunstmuseum

Johanna Nissen-Grosser

tapestry and mosaic

Mai 2nd- Mai 17th 1992, Waaghaus

Fredi Schneider

oil painting, watercolour, drawing/h2>

March 21st - April 5th 1992, Waaghaus

Anton Signer

landscape painting in watercolour

February 15th - March 1st 1992, Waaghaus

Willi Kopf

February 15th - April 24th 1992, Kunstmuseum

Herbert Maeder

A retrospective. Forty years on the road with the camera 1950-1990

November 23th - December 22nd 1991, Katharinen

Silvie & Chérif Defraoui


November 9th 1991 - January 26th 1992, Kunstmuseum

Ingólfur Arnarsson, Kristjan Gudmundsson

2 x Solo

August 31st - October 20th 1991, Katharinen

Rosmarie Trockel

paper works

August 17th - October 20th 1991, Kunstmuseum

Peter Kamm

Vilan Kunstpreis 1990

August 17th - October 10th 1991, Kunstmuseum

Alexander Hahn

The Bernouli-Itinerary VIdeoinstallation

May 25th - August 4th 1991, Katharinen


Highlights & ghost lights of the collection

April 20th - July 28th 1991, Kunstmuseum

Ilona Ruegg

the edges of the present

January 26th - March 24th 1991, Kunstmuseum

Buch und Arbeiter

Die Büchergilde Gutenberg / Vadiana

January 11th - February 10th 1991, Katharinen

St.Galler Kunstschaffen

November 24th 1990 - January 13th 1991, Kunstmuseum

Fernand Monnier

Drawing, watercolour

November 17th - December 2nd 1990, Waaghaus

Monika Sennhauser

September 15th - November 4th, Katharinen


Retrospective for the 80th birthday

August 31st - November 4th 1990, Museum im Lagerhaus


she wasn't young no more but neither was she old when it happened

August 26th - October 28th 1990, Kunstmuseum

Malerei in der Stadt St. Gallen

from 1650 to 1750

June 30th - August 19th 1990, Katharinen

Brücken schlagen

May 6th - May 27th 1990, Katharinen

Donald Judd

April 21st - July 29th 1990, Kunstmuseum

Peter Fels

Malerei, Mosaik und Musik

March 3rd - March 18th 1990, Waaghaus

Picasso Linolschnitte 1958-1963

from the collection of Georges Bloch

February 24th - April 29th 1990, Katharinen

Martin Disler


February 3rd - April 1st 1990, Kunstmuseum

Meisterwerke Belgischer Malerei

Musée d'Art Mosan, Lüttich

January 6th - February 4th 1990, Kunstmuseum

Innen-Räume, Aussen-Räume

Architektur-, Bild-, Objekt-, Visualisierte Gefühls- und Denkprozesse

November 18th - December 17th 1989, Katharinen

Thomas Virnich

November 18th 1989 - January 21st 1990, Kunstmuseum

Hans Späti

Exhibiton for the 75th birthday

September 9th - October 1st 1989, Katharinen

Jürgen Partenheimer

sonorous shadows

August 26th - October 22nd 1989, Kunstmuseum

H.R. Fricker

I am a networker sometimes

July 2nd - August 27th 1989, Katharinen

Willi Koch

1909 - 1988

April 29th - May 13th 1989, Waaghaus

Stickerei Zeit

culture and art in St. Gallen, 1870 - 1930

April 1st - August 6th 1989, Kunstmuseum

Bruno Kirchgraber

1900 - 1983

March 4th - April 23rd 1989, Katharinen

Richard Long

January 15th - March 5th 1989, Kunstmuseum

Julius Bissier

1893 - 1965

November 12th - December 23rd 1988, Kunstmuseum

Nora Anderegg

pastels, charcoal drawings from 1980 to 1988

September 10th - September 29th 1988, Waaghaus

Sammlung T

August 27th - October 30th 1988, Kunstmuseum


August 20th - September 25th 1988, Katharinen

Klang - Raum - Tanz - Skulptur

Daniel Covini, Karl Fürer, Jonny Müller, Lucie Schenker, Ruth Spaeti

June 11th - August 14th 1988, Katharinen

Die Sammlung der Gotthard Bank

Swiss art from the presence

June 4th - August 14th 1988, Kunstmuseum

Alex Hanimann

A spoon of tea in a barrel full of honey, books and drawings 1981-1988

May 7th - June 5th 1988, Katharinen

Johann Jakob Wolfensberger

Journey to the Levant 1832-1835

March 26th - May 1st 1988, Katharinen

Rot Gelb Blau

The primary colours in the art of the 20th century

March 19th - May 21st 1988, Kunstmuseum

Andreas Gehr


January 9th - February 14th 1988, Katharinen

Ferdinand Gehr

January 9th - March 6th 1988, Kunstmuseum

über 70


November 29th - December 20th 1987, Katharinen

Ostschweizer Künstler

annual exhibition of eastern-Swiss artists

November 10th - December 20th 1987, Kunstmuseum

Bernard Tagwerker

October 3rd - November 15th 1987, Katharinen

Zyklen aus der Grafiksammlung

September 12th - October 25th 1987, Kunstmuseum

Die Sammlung des Kunstmuseums St. Gallen

for the opening of the Kunstmuseum

September 12th - December 31st 1987, Waaghaus

Pläne zum Museumsbau

August 22nd - September 27th 1987, Katharinen

Erwerbung der Marie Müller-Guarnieri-Stiftung

June 13th - August 16th 1987, Katharinen

Anita Hohengasser

April 24th - June 6th 1987, Katharinen



March 7th - April 16th 1987, Katharinen

Das Menschenbild der Völker

January 10th - March 1st 1987, Katharinen

Sektion Valais in St. Gallen


November 30th 1986 - January 4th 1987, Katharinen

A. Kobel

Drawing, Painting

November 8th - November 23th 1986, Waaghaus

Ludwig Stocker

October 11th - November 23rd 1986, Katharinen

René Gilsi

for the 80th birthday

September 12th - September 25th 1986, Waaghaus

Aus der Sammlung Erna und Curt Burgauer

Presents and promised legacy

August 23rd - October 5th 1986, Katharinen

Angelus und Jakob Greuter

Two autodidacts

June 28th - August 17th 1986, Katharinen

Agnes Barmettler

May 17th - June 22nd 1986, Katharinen

Das Stundenbuch des Herzogs von Berry

Les Tres Riches Heures

May 15th - June 30th 1986, Katharinen

Peter Kamm

April 12th - May 10th 1986, Katharinen

5 Architekten


February 15th - March 23rd 1986, Katharinen

Die Hugenotten in der Schweiz

January 11th - February 9th 1986, Kantonsbibliothek und Stadtarchiv (Vadiana), Katharinen

Hans Brühlmann

November 23rd - December 22nd 1985, Katharinen

Wolfgang Laib

October 5th - November 17th 1985, Katharinen

Johann Baptist Isenring

1796 - 1860

August 24th - September 29th 1985, Katharinen

Otto Meyer - Amden


July 6th - August 18th 1985, Katharinen

Claude Sandoz

Das zerstückelte Zimmer und andere Bilder

March 25th - June 30th 1985, Katharinen

Jonathan Borofsky


April 13th - May 19th 1985, Katharinen

4 genormte Räume - 4 ungenormte Künstler


February 23rd - March 31st 1985, Katharinen

Von der Romantik zum deutschen Impressionismus

from the domestic collection

January 12th - February 17th 1985, Katharinen


GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

December 1st - December 21st 1984, Katharinen

Walter Bodmer


October 13th - November 18th 1984, Katharinen

Leiko Ikemura

September 5th - October 7th 1984, Katharinen

Zeitgenössische Textilkunst

from wall hanging to space objects

July 7th - August 26th 1984, Katharinen


from the past centuries until today

June 2nd - July 1st 1984, Katharinen

Rolf Hauenstein

April 28th - May 27th 1984, Katharinen

Fritz Gsell

Exhibition for the 70th Birthday

March 25th - May 27th 1984, Waaghaus

Mario Merz

March 24th - April 21st 1984, Katharinen

Carl Liner


March 4th - March 18th 1984, Waaghaus

Arthur Beyer / Willy Thaler

February 18th - March 18th 1984, Katharinen

Aufbruch zur Farbe

Swiss art from the domestic collection

January 7th - February 12th 1984, Katharinen


GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

December 2nd - December 20th 1983, Katharinen

Sebastian Buff

from the domestic collection

October 8th - November 27th 1983, Katharinen

Albert Saner

Exhibition for the 70th birthday

September 10th - September 25th 1983, Waaghaus


Cornelius Kolig (Austria); Wolfgang Mally (West Germany); Roman Signer (Switzerland)

August 27th - October 2nd 1983, Katharinen

Sammlung Eduard Sturzenegger

July 2nd - August 21st 1983, Katharinen

Skulpturen im Park

May 27th - July 31st 1983, Stadtpark

Mario Comensoli

Bewegte Jugend

May 20th - June 26th 1983, Katharinen

Hommage à Peter Lagger

April 20th - May 15th 1983, Katharinen

Installation - Klangraum


April 16th - May 15th 1983, Katharinen

Entwürfe und Skizzen

GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

February 19th - March 20th 1983, Katharinen

Rund um den Impressionismus

Masterpieces from the domestic collection

January 8th - February 13th 1983, Katharinen


GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

December 6th 1982 - January 3rd 1983, Katharinen


GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

November 25th - December 19th 1982, Katharinen

CH-OST Junge Schweizer Künstler

October 27th - November 14th 1982, OLMA

Expressionismus in der Ostschweiz

October 9th - November 14th 1982, Katharinen

Konstruktive Kunst und Goldschmiedekunst


August 28th - October 3rd 1982, Katharinen

Die Lindauer Beweinung

and Swabian painting from the 15th century

July 3rd - August 22nd 1982, Katharinen

Kinder sammeln - Künstler formen

collections of students from St. Gallen

May 15th - June 20th 1982, Katharinen


GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

April 3rd - May 8th 1982, Katharinen

Walter Kurt Wiemken


February 20th - March 28th 1982, Katharinen

Gottlieb Bion

from the domestic collection

January 9th - February 14th 1982, Katharinen


GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

December 5th - January 3rd 1982, Katharinen

Edouard Vallet

from the domestic collection

October 31st - November 29th 1981, Katharinen

small sculptures, objects and work drawings

GSMBA Ostschweiz

September 26th - October 25th 1981, Katharinen

Urs Lüthi

September 26th - October 25th 1981, Katharinen

Koptische Gewebe

from the museum for industry and craft

June 27th - August 16th 1981, Katharinen

Ch. A. Egli

memorial exhibition

June 20th - July 26th 1981, Katharinen

Kunst zwischen Buchdeckeln

original drawings from children's books

May 16th - June 21st 1981, Katharinen

Walter de Maria

The Beds of Spikes

April 4th - May 10th 1981, Katharinen

Alois Wey & Alfred Leuzinger

February 28th - March 29th 1981, Katharinen

Verborgene Kostbarkeiten

Swiss drawings and watercolour paintigs from the 18th and 19th century (from the domestic collection)

January 10th- February 22nd 1981, Katharinen


GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

December 5th 1980 - January 4th 1981, Katharinen

Karl Peterli ( 1897 - 1975 )

Memorial exhibition

October 31st - November 30th 1980, Katharinen

Handzeichnungen alter Meister 16.-18. Jahrhundert

from the Brandes collection from municipal Wessenberg-picture gallery of Constance

September 26th - October 26th 1980, Katharinen

Curt Burgauer

roots and stones as guideposts to the art of our time

August 22nd - September 21st 1980, Katharinen

Alicia Penalba


August 16th - September 5th 1980, Stadtpark

Pablo Picasso

Druckgrafik (Stiftung St. Galler Museen)

July 12th - August 24th 1980, Hist. Museum

Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899)

The Otto Fischbacher Giovanni Segantini foundation

June 27th - August 17th 1980, Katharinen

Magda Werder

Drawings, watercolours, woodcarvings and puppets

June 15th - June 29th 1980, Waaghaus

Das Kind im Bild

from the domestic collection

May 23rd - June 22nd 1980, Katharinen

Willi Koch 70. Geburtstag

Patronat: GSMBA und Kunstverein

May 15th - June 1st 1980, Waaghaus

Die Kunstwerke an der Hochschule St. Gallen

drafts and documents

April 18th - May 18th 1980, Katharinen

Verborgene Kostbarkeiten

Jacques Callot (1592-1635), etchings - from the domestic collection

March 15th - April 13th 1980, Katharinen

Nora Anderegg

Oil paintings, watercolour, pastels and drawings

February 3rd - February 17th 1980, Waaghaus

Fasnacht in der Kunst


February 8th - March 3rd 1980, Katharinen

Verena Mettler ( 1914 - 1978 )

memorial exhibition

January 11th - February 7th 1980, Katharinen

Franz Erhard Walther

Rauminstallation: Schritte seitwärts. Winkel - Bahn - Standstelle

January 4th - February 3rd 1980, Katharinen


GSMBA, Sektion Ostschweiz

November 24th - December 30th 1979, Katharinen

Holz - Messer - Farbe - Druck

XYLON - Swiss woodcarving

October 6th - November 18th 1979, Katharinen

Alberto Giacometti 1901-1966

sculptures - paintings - drawings

September 1st - September 30th 1979, Katharinen

Verborgene Kostbarkeiten

Die schönsten Stickereien (from the collection of the Industrie- and Gewerbemuseum

July 7th - August 26th 1979, Katharinen

Kleinplastiken, Objekte und Zeichnungen

GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

June 2nd - July 1st 1979, Katharinen

Werner Weiskönig 70. Geburtstag

Patronat: GSMBA und Kunstverein

April 8th - April 25th, Waaghaus

Bruce Nauman

April 28th - May 27th 1979, Katharinen

Willy Thaler 80. Geburtstag

Patronat: GSMBA und Kunstverein

April 29th - May 13th 1979, Waaghaus

Verborgene Kostbarkeiten

drawings and watercolours from the 20th century (domestic collection)

March 24th - April 22nd 1979, Katharinen

Partnerschaft Literatur Kunst

Publikationen aus der Galerie Erker

February 17th - March 18th 1979, Katharinen

Paul Haefeli ( 1899-1973 )

memorial exhibition

January 13th - February 11th 1979, Katharinen

print graphics

GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

December 9th 1978 - January 7th 1979, Katharinen

Verborgene Kostbarkeiten

drawings and watercolours from the 19th century (domestic collection)

November 4th - December 3rd 1978, Katharinen

Markus Dulk

reading Hölderlin

September 30th - October 29th 1978, Katharinen

Ostschweizer Künstler sehen St. Gallen

GSMBA Sektion Ostschweiz

August 25th - September 24th 1978, Katharinen

André Thomkins

graphic reproduction

May 20th - July 2nd 1978, Hist. Museum

Martin Disteli

... und fluchend steht das Volk vor seinen Bildern

January 28th - March 12th 1978, Hist. Museum

Neuanschaffungen aus der Sammlung A. Keller

1978, Hist. Museum

Hans Brühlmann 1878 - 1911

1978, Hist. Museum

Auktionsausstellung der Sammlung A. Keller

1978, Hist. Museum

"A" von Achenbach bis Auberjonois

from the domestic collection

1978, Hist. Museum

Jubiläumsausstellung - 150 Jahre Kunstverein St. Gallen

Ferdinand Hodler: Lied aus der Ferne

August 27th - September 9th 1977, Hist. Museum

Internationale Kunst aus Ostschweizer Privatbesitz

October 29th - December 4th 1977, Hist. Museum

Ostschweizer Grafik nach der Jahrhundertwende

September 4th - October 17th 1976, Waaghaus/h3>

Aspekte zeitgenössischer Kunst in der Schweiz

Objekte und Zeichnungen und Gedächtnisausstellungen Wilhelm Meier 1880 - 1971 und Hans Stettbacher 1901 - 1970

March 26th - May 9th 1976, Hist. Museum

Ein Maler von Liebe und Tod

Ferdinand Hodler und Valentine Godé-Darel, ein Werkzyklus 1908 - 1915


Mensch und Tier

Textilien aus sieben Jahrhunderten, Sammlung des Industrie- und Gewerbemuseums

August 23rd - October 5th 1975, Hist. Museum

In eigener Regie

Ostschweizer Künstler laden einander zur Ausstellung ein

August 16th - September 2nd 1975, Musewarum St. Gallen

Der Mensch auf seiner Erde

Eine Befragung aus der Luft, Flugbilder von Georg Gerster


Dokumentationsausstellung De Stijl


Kunst und Religion in Indien

2500 Jahre Jainismus

December 14th 1974 - February 2nd 1975, Hist. Museum

Bö-Karikaturen (s' Tüpfli )

Gedächtnisausstellung Carl Böckli 1889 - 1970

September 6th - October 20th 1974

Kunst als tägliches Erlebnis

Ostschweizer Sammler äussern sich zu ihren liebsten Werken

July 6th - August 25th 1974, Hist. Museum

Andreas Renatus Högger 1808 - 1854

(zusammen mit dem historischen Verein)

March 30th - May 5th 1974, Waaghaus

Adolf Wölfli 1804 - 1930

Ein Geisteskranker als Künstler

February 9th - March 17th 1974, Hist. Museum

Neuer Realismus in der Schweiz

October 27th - December 9th 1973, Hist. Museum

Picasso Grafik

September 1st - October 3rd 1973, Waaghaus

Appenzeller Bauernmalerei

July 6th - September 19th 1973, Hist. Museum

Herbert Maeder


March 24th - May 6th 1973, Hist. Museum

August Wanner


January 20th - March 4th 1973, Hist. Museum

Louis Moillet


November 18th - December 17th 1972, Waaghaus

Ferdinand Gehr

Bilder, Aquarelle, Holzschnitte

June 18th - July 23rd 1972, Waaghaus

Gemini - Graphik und Objekte

Zeitgenössische amerikanische Grafik

June 8th - July 23rd 1972, Hist. Museum

Paul Cézanne

Handzeichnungen aus dem Kupferstichkabinett Basel

March 13th - April 30th 1972, Hist. Museum

Diogo Graf


January 30th - March 5th 1972, Hist. Museum

Kunst der Neger

Werke aus St. Galler Museums- und Privatbesitz

October 3rd - November 14th 1971, Waaghaus

Aargauer Künstler


Josef Beuys

Handzeichnungen und Kleinobjekte aus den Sammlungen: Kunstmuseum Basel und Lutz Schirmer, Köln

June 6th - July 31st 1971, Hist. Museum

Paul Klee


January 17th - February 28th 1971, Hist. Museum

14 junge Ostschweizer Künstler


5 Waadtländer Künstler

R. Auberjonois, M. Borgeaud, L. Soutter, Th. A. Steinlen, F. Vallotton

October 7th - November 19th 1967, Kunstmuseum

Meister der naiven Kunst aus Jugoslawien

August 5th - September 24th 1967, Kunstmuseum

Antoni Tàpies

Das gesamte graphische Werk

June 3th - July 23th 1967, Kunstmuseum

Picasso et le béton


Köbi Lämmler

February 11th - March 27th 1967, Kunstmuseum

6 Ostschweizer Künstler

Ch. A. Egli, Jules Fehr, René Gilsi, Albert Rothenberger, Emil Schmid, Werner Weiskönig

December 3rd 1966 - January 8th 1967, Kunstmuseum

Amerikanische Kunst

aus Schweizer Besitz

October 8th - November 20th 1966, Kunstmuseum

Zeitgenössische Kunst aus dem Bodenseeraum

August 13th - September 25th 1966, Kunstmuseum

Serge Poliakoff


June 11th - July 31st 1966, Kunstmuseum

Maria Geroe-Tobler 1895-1963


April 16th - May 30th 1966, Kunstmuseum

Jean Dubuffet - Les Phénomènes


February 12th - April 3rd 1966, Kunstmuseum

12 junge Ostschweizer Künstler

Ueli Bänziger, Anton Bernhardsgrütter, Hans Ruedi Bürkler, Pia Burri-Jacobsen, Silvia Defraoui-Rehsteiner, Walter Fröhlich, Jules Kaeser, Sibylle Neff, Hans Schweizer, Klaus Spahni, Fredi Thalmann, Kurt Wolf

November 27th 1965 - January 2nd 1966, Kunstmuseum

Picasso Grafik

1904 - 1965

October 2nd - November 14th 1965, Kunstmuseum

Otto Meyer-Amden

July 24th - September 5th 1965, Kunstmuseum

St.Galler Kunstausstellung

April 4th - May 16th 1965, Kunstmuseum

Polnische Bildteppiche

May 29th - July 18th 1965, Kunstmuseum

Zbigniew Makowski


January 30th - March 21st 1965, Kunstmuseum


Felix Appenzeller, Anton Blöchlinger, Heinrich Herzig, Albert Oesch, Alfred Staerkle, Paul Tanner

November 18th 1964 - January 3rd 1965, Kunstmuseum

Abraham Palatnik

Cinecromatica (Hochschule), Rio de Janeiro

October 29th - November 28th 1964, Kunstmuseum

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

July 19th - September 6th 1964, Kunstmuseum

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Fotoausstellung Lucien Hervé, Paris

May 24th - July 5th 1964, Kunstmuseum

Willy Fries

April 4th - May 18th 1964, Kunstmuseum

Dr. Max Kuhn Stiftung

Ausstellung Ortsbürgergemeinde

March 21st - July 5th 1964, Kunstmuseum


Fritz Gilsi 1878 - 1961 und Theo Glinz 1890 - 1962

February 15th - March 22nd 1964, Kunstmuseum


December 8th 1963 - January 12th 1964, Kunstmusem

6 Schweizer und 2 Amerikaner

Buri, Iseli, Klotz, Lämmler, Spescha, Staub, Leslie, Smith

September 8th - October 20th 1963, Kunstmuseum

Arb - Bissier - Nicholson - Tobey - Valenti

June 23rd - August 25th 1963, Kunstmuseum

Gedächtnisausstellung Martha Cunz

ohne Katalog


Jean Baier

February 23rd - April 15th 1963, Kunstmuseum

Künstler aus dem Rheintal und Vorarlberg

November 26th 1962 - January 6th 1963, Kunstmuseum

Albert Longoni

Mailand, Zeichnungen

October 6th - November 11th 1962, Kunstmuseum

Sammlung Brandes


August 19th - September 23rd 1962, Kunstmuseum

Walter Kurt Wiemken

July 8th - August 12th 1962, Kunstmuseum

Véronique Filozof

May 19th - July 1st 1962, Kunstmuseum

Diogo Graf

April - May 1962

Edouard Vallet

March 1962

Ferdinand Gehr

January 5th - February 4th 1962, Kunstmuseum

K. Ammann - Burger - E. Cunz - Jenny - Lämmler - Nissen - Tschauko - Wyrsch

December 2nd 1961 - January 7th 1962, Kunstmuseum

Carl Liner

Werke seit 1950

October 14th - November 19th 1961

30 junge Deutsche

July 23th - September 16th 1961, Kunstmuseum

Charles Hug

May 7th - June 11th 1961, Kunstmuseum

Emil Nolde

March 18th - April 23rd 1961, Kunstmuseum

Josef Eggler

January 27th - February 26th 1961, Kunstmuseum

Ostschweizer Kunst 1900-1925

November 27th - December 31st 1960, Kunstmuseum

43 junge Schweizer

May 7th - July 17th 1960, Kunstmuseum

Zehn Ostschweizer Künstler

Nora Aneregg - Beyer - Everilda Fels - Annelie Heberlein - Jenny -Kirchgraber - Saner - Schenker - Tachezy - Thaler

December 5th 1959 - January 3rd 1960, Kunstmuseum

Barthélemy Menn

November 29th 1959 - January 3rd 1960, Kunstmuseum


Graphik zur Bibel

November 1959

Neue Schweizer Bildteppiche

in Konfrontation mit Werken von Henri-Georges Adam Paris, Hans Arp Paris-Meudon, Le Corbusier Paris, Fernand Léger, Woty Werner München

September 6th - October 18th 1959, Kunstmuseum

Albert Wenner

zum 80. Geburtstag

July 1959

Neue Amerikanische Malerei

March 14th - April 26th 1959, Kunstmuseum

Junge Ostschweizer Künstler

Blank, Bucher, Deutsch, Grosser, Guggenheim Elisab., Kobel, Lämmler, Stäubli, Stocker, Tschirky

November 29th 1958 - January 4th 1959, Kunstmuseum

Kunst und Naturform

November 1958

The Family of Man


August - September 1958


May 31st - July 20th 1958, Kunstmuseum

Werner Bischof

das fotographische Werk

March 15th - May 4th 1958, Kunstmuseum

Diogo Graf, Walter Burger, Josef Eggler, Carl Liner, Pierre Trüdinger

November 30th 1957 - January 5th 1958, Kunstmuseum

Malende Dichter - dichtende Maler

August 3rd - October 20th 1957, Kunstmuseum

Französische Graphik

May - July 1957

Kunst aus Österreich

April 4th - May 12th 1957, Kunstmuseum

Martha Cunz - Gsell - Koch - Edelmann - Wanner - Peter Fels - A. Schenker

December 1st - December 30th 1956, Kunstmuseum

Ferdinand Gehr

October 14th - November 18th 1956, Kunstmuseum

Giovanni Segantini


July 7th - September 30th 1956, Kunstmuseum

Appenzellische und Toggenburgische Bauernmalerei

Kunstverein St. Gallen und Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Volkskunde

May 5th - June 24th 1956, Kunstmuseum

Kinder zeichnen und malen

March 11th - April 22nd 1956, Kunstmuseum

9 Ostschweizer Künstler

Nora Anderegg, Fritz Gilsi, Elfrid Gremli-Bietenhalder, Bruno Kirchgraber, Gedächtnisschau Carl Liner sen., Hans Loosert, Carl Roesch, Albert Saner, Willy Thaler

November 26th - December 31st 1955, Kunstmuseum

Das Bild im Wohnraum unsere Zeit

September 3rd - November 6th 1955, Kunstmuseum

Walter Jonas

April 23rd - May 30th 1955, Kunstmuseum

Paul Klee

Werke aus dem Familienbesitz

January 22nd - March 20th 1955, Kunstmuseum

12 Ostschweizer Künstler

Walter Burger, Adolf Dietrich, Josef Eggler, Ludwig Gebert, Ferdinand Gehr, Diogo Graf, Ernst Graf, Carl Liner, Max Oertli, Carl Peterli, Otto Teucher, Werner Weiskönig

November 27th 1954 - January 2nd 1955, Kunstmuseum

Das Pferd in der Kunst

September 4th - October 17th 1954, Kunstmuseum

Hans Brühlmann

June 12th - August 22nd 1954, Kunstmuseum

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

April 25th - May 23rd 1954, Kunstmuseum

Oskar Dalvit

March 7th - April 4th 1954, Kunstmuseum

Willy Müller Gedächtnisausstellung


January 31st - February 28th, Kunstmuseum

Ferdinand Hodler

November 14th - December 20th 1953, Kunstmuseum

St. Galler Künstler

October 4th - November 1st 1953, Kunstmuseum

Josef Büsser Gedächtnisausstellung

April 11th - May 17th 1953, Kunstmuseum

Pietro Chiesa, Aldo Patocchi

February 15th - March 15th 1953, Kunstmuseum

St. Galler Künstler

Jubiläums-Ausstellung 125 Jahre Kunstverein St.Gallen

October 4th - November 9th, Kunstmuseum

Hans Fehr - Peter Trüdinger

August - September 1952

M. Hegetschweiler, B. Meier, E. Meister, H. Müller, W. Sautter, A. H. Sigg, H. Wabel, H. Waser, A. Meyer, U. Schoop

June 1952

Anny Vonzun, O. Braschler, P. Martig, L. Meisser, T. Pedretti, G. Veraguth

October - November 1951

Ruth Stauffer, H. v. Mühlenen, A. Mühlegg, F. Stauffer

September 1951

Paul Bodmer - Hermann Huber

June 1951

J. Büsser, F. Gsell, B. Kirchgraber, O. Vonwiller

April - May 1951

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

October - November 1950

Cuno Amiet, Giovanni Giacometti

September 1950

Ernst Morgenthaler

June - July 1950

J. Eggler, P. Häfeli, K. Liner, W. Knecht

May - June 1950

Gedächtnisausstellungen Wahrenberger und E. Büsser

February 1950

P. B. Barth, R. Fornerod, R. Kündig

October - November 1949

E. Graf, W. Müller, M. Örtli, R. Seitter, W. Thaler

September 1949

Moderner Expressionismus

Slg. Dr. O. Huber GL

May 29th - July 3rd 1949, Katharinen

Karl Hosch, Franz Rederer, Albert Rüegg

April 9th - May 15th 1949, Kunstmuseum

GSMBA Sektion St. Gallen

December 1948

Max Liebermann

August 28th - October 30th 1948, Kunstmuseum

Heinrich Altherr (1878-1947)

July 1948

Willy Fries

May 29th - June 27th 1948, Kunstmuseum

Fritz Gilsi (zum 70. Geburtstag)

April - May 1948

E. Schmid, Th. Glinz, H. Looser

March - April 1948

Schweizer Kunst ART SUISSE

GSMBA Sektion St. Gallen und Kunstverein St.Gallen

November 15th - December 14th 1947, Kunstmuseum

Regionale Ausstellung des Schweizerischen Kunstvereins

August 17th - August 31st 1947, Kunstmuseum

Hauptwerke der Staatlichen Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

April 26th - July 12th 1947, Kunstmuseum

Winterthurer Maler

Kolb, Schöllhorn, Suter, Weiss, Zender

March 1947

Konkrete Abstrakte Surrealistische Malerei in der Schweiz

February 1st - February 23rd 1947, Kunstmuseum

Britische Gebrauchsgraphik (illustriert)

January 1947

GSMBA Sektion St. Gallen

December 1946

Martha Cunz

zum 70. Geburtstag

November 1946

G. Dessouslavy, A. Holy, A. Schnyder

October 1946

Gedächtnisausstellung Carl Liner

August 31st - September 29th 1946, Kunstmuseum

Gedächtnisausstellung Rudolf Wacker


July 13th - middle of August 1946, Kunstmuseum

August Wanner und ehemalige Wanner-Schüler

May 4th - May 26th 1946, Kunstmuseum

Josef Büsser

April 1946

Frankreich von Schweizer Malern gesehen

March 1946

Preis für Schweizer Malerei 1945 Zürich

Leonhard Steiner 1836-1920

February 1946

Zeitgenössische amerikanische Graphik

January 1946

GSMBA Sektion St. Gallen

December 1945

25 Schweizer Maler

October 1945

Xylos (Schweizer Holzschneider)

August - September 1945

Baumberger 100 Zeichnungen zur Bibel

July 1945

E. Schmid, W. Scheitlin, Else Pletscher, R. Müller, Scherrer

June 1945

10 Maler aus dem Kreis des Goetheanums

May 1945

Gedächtnisausstellung Seb. Oesch

March - April 1945

Regina Conti, H. Jeanneret, Maria Stadlin

February 1945

Ulrich Hänny, Bruno Kirchgraber

January 1945

Unsere Landschaft

dritte St.Gallische Sonderausstellung

November 18th 1944 - January 1st 1945, Kunstmuseum

12 junge Ostschweizer

October 7th - October 29th 1944, Kunstmuseum

C. Liner jun. - Hans Walt

September 1944

Malerei und Plastik aus der Westschweiz

July - August 1944

GSMBA Sektion Paris

June 1944

Willy Hummel, Victor Surbek

May 1944

A. Cingria, R. Duss, Robert Schürch

April 1944

Hansegger, R. Seitter, W. Thaler

March 1944

W. A. v. Alvensleben, G. Gamper, L. Reichel

January - February 1944