Beni Bischof

MANOR Art Prize St.Gallen 2015

February 14th - June 21st 2015, Kunstmuseum

Beni Bischof (*1976, Widnau) works unrestrainedly and intuitively. He translates spontaneous thoughts on social and political topics into bizarre and comical messages in words and symbols of disarming immediacy. The MANOR Art Prize financed by the company Maus Frères SA has been awarded in several cities in Switzerland since 1982 and is the most extensive private grant for young artists in Switzerland. On the occasion of this award, the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen will be showing the artist’s first solo exhibition in a Swiss museum. Visitors can look forward to a singular presentation with numerous new artworks by Beni Bischof.

In addition to drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures, and installations, Beni Bischof’s self-published magazine Lasermagazin, which has appeared since 2005, attests to his eruptive creative drive. He transports the promising illusory world of glamour into mysterious quotations of pictures. Neither the banality of everyday life nor the dramas of the political agenda escape his gaze. Beni Bischof appropriates pictures from cheap novels, fashion magazines, advertisements, and the virtual world. “I am interested in contrast,” says Bischof. He deglamorizes the precious illusion of supposed exclusivity and presents an unfathomable view of society.

Curator: Nadia Veronese

the artist

Beni Bischof

born 1976 in Widnau, Switzerland
lives and works in St.Gallen

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