At Last!

Highlights from the Collection

21 January 2017 - 11 February 2018, Kunstmuseum

At last, the museum has more space for exhibitions: following the move of the Natural History Museum to a new building, the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen can now present a wider range of works from its first-rate collection to the public. Priceless masterpieces from the Middle Ages to the modern era, many of which previously led a dark and secretive existence in underground storage rooms, will now be on view in exciting juxtapositions for the first time as part of a permanent exhibition.

Thanks to several magnificent donations, numerous world-class works were recently added to the museum’s collection. A focus of these new acquisitions is old masters, which will be prominently featured in this first permanent exhibition: from Iselin’s late Gothic group of sculptures from Konstanz (ca. 1500) depicting the Coronation of the Virgin to the Renaissance in Cologne and Flanders to the wonderful landscapes and still lifes of the Dutch Golden Age. The Italian Baroque is represented with a series of impressive character pieces, foremost among them Barocci’s St. Sebastian (ca. 1590/95).

Other highlights include classic works of nineteenth-century painting from France and Germany: Delacroix’s romanticism, Courbet’s realism, Corot’s plein air painting, Spitzweg’s idylls, and the idealism of Böcklin and Feuerbach.

Impressionist works will offer a feast for the eyes—naturally including Monet’s world-famous Palazzo Contarini (1908). Ferdinand Hodler and art from around 1900 round out this impressive parade of masterpieces on the threshold of modernism, and beyond …

Curator: Matthias Wohlgemuth